Autumn Term 2016
Monday 5th September Registration & Induction Week
Monday 12th September Classes Commence (All)
Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October Half Term (All)
Monday 12th December – Friday 16th December Examination Week (UFP)
Friday 16th December End of Term (All)


Spring Term 2017                                                                          .
Wednesday 4th January – Friday 6th January A-Level Mock Exams
Friday 6th January Registration
Monday 9th January Classes Commence (All)
Monday 13th February – Friday 17th February Half Term (A Level, Pre-A Level & GCSE)
Friday 24th March End of Term (A Level & GCSE)
Monday 27th March – Friday 31st March Examination Week (UFP)
Friday 31st March End of Term (UFP)


Summer Term 2017                                                                                            .
Tuesday 18th April Re-registration & Classes Commence (All)
Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June Half Term (A Level, Pre A-Level & GCSE) Examination Week (UFP)
Friday 2nd June End of Term (Sept & 18 Month UFP)
Friday 30th June End of Term (A Level, Pre-A Level & GCSE)
Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July Examination Week (Jan UFP)
Friday 28th July End of Term (Jan UFP)


Public Holidays                         .
26th December 2016 Boxing Day
27th December 2016 Christmas Day (Substitute Day)
2nd January 2017 New Year’s Day (Substitute Day)
14th April 2017 Good Friday
17th April 2017 Easter Monday
1st May 2017 May Day
29th May 2017 Spring Bank Holiday
28th August 2017 Summer Bank Holiday