*LATEST UPDATE – 27/02/20

Whilst the concern of the coronavirus is high, the current risk to the UK population is considered low to moderate. We do not currently have any cases of coronavirus in the College and we continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of this virus in the Bath Academy community.

According to Gov.UK, The UK Government has introduced advanced monitoring at airports with direct flights from China. A team of public health experts has been established in Heathrow to support anyone travelling in from China who feels unwell.

The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to many colds and flu which circulate at this time of year. If we are concerned about a student’s health, a risk assessment shall be carried out according to the English UK guidelines.

Recently Enrolled Students – any students who are travelling to start a course at Bath Academy (either academic or English Language Training) from a country listed as ‘high-risk’ by the government will have to self-quarantine for two weeks after arrival in the UK.

Prospective Students – any students from outside the UK who are considering taking a course at Bath Academy (either academic or English Language Training) who live in or have visited a ‘high-risk’ country in the past 14 days are still encouraged to apply for a course with the possibility of self-quarantine for two weeks after arrival in the UK, (depending on the latest medical update from www.gov.uk). Each application will be considered individually, however you may still apply for a course now and we will hold your place until the situation is more clear. Please contact us for further details on info@bathacademy.co.uk.

Public health information about the virus is updated daily here, but if you have any questions directly concerning any Bath Academy students, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01225 334 577 or info@bathacademy.co.uk.

*Please note, if any student group from any of the high-risk countries listed above book a course and pay a deposit/fees and subsequently cannot travel due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus, we will issue a credit note for a future date when travel is possible.

For a specific list of high-risk countries and more detailed information about how we are specifically dealing with the coronavirus and our plans going forward (especially concerning Easter holidays), please see the letter (in PDF version) below: