How do I apply to the College?

You will need to fill out an application form which can be submitted on-line. You can click here to do this now.  Alternatively, please do not hesitate to telephone or email us to arrange a visit to the College at a time that is convenient for you.

When was Bath Academy founded?

Bath Academy was founded in 1997 by David Game, Proprietor.

Is the college accredited and inspected?

The college is registered as an independent boarding school with the Department of Education and is accredited by the Independent Schools Association and is also a member of the Council for Independent Further Education. The college was last inspected by ISI in 2017; a copy of the inspection report can be viewed here.

The English as a Foreign Language Department of the College was inspected by the British Council in 2016 and accredited, the report can be found here.

What qualifications do the teachers at Bath Academy have?

All teachers at the College are qualified, passionate about their subjects, and committed to each student’s individual learning progress.  Many are experienced and hold postgraduate qualifications and are Examiners for the Examination Boards in the UK. For current lists of teaching staff in each department see below:

Current Academic Teaching Staff

Current ELT Teaching Staff 

Whereabouts in Bath is Bath Academy?

Bath Academy is located in the centre of the city, Queen Square. It is a 10 minute walk from the train station. You can see a map detailing our location here.

Does the College have student accommodation?

Yes, the College owns and manages two private residences for the sole use of our students in central Bath.  Both residences have a matron, houseparents, and a private chef, all within a 5 minute walk from the College and is for students 14-17 of age. The college also offers home-stay accommodation with local families, who provide full-board accommodation.

How many A-Levels should I take?

All A Level students take four AS Levels in subjects that are most relevant for the degree course for which they want to apply. For international students, we also offer a range of courses within our University Foundation Programme providing technical knowledge on a specific subject at university.

Do you receive advice on your choice of A-Levels?

Yes – as part of our service to students, we advise on what are deemed to be the most suitable combination of subjects for a proposed degree course. This service is delivered via our Principal or Vice-Principal.

How long do courses last at Bath Academy?

For A levels and GCSEs, the courses can be taken over a one, one and half or two year period, starting in September or January.  The University Foundation Programme (UFP) also commences in September or January and takes one year to complete.

Can I change a subject after starting a class?

Sometimes students realise that one of the subjects that they have initially chosen is not suitable for them.  We offer a three week flexibility period at the start of term during which a student can change a subject (after a discussion with the College) if they feel another subject is more appropriate.

If I have a problem or a complaint, what do I do?

If you have a basic problem, please talk to us; your Personal Tutor, your teacher, our Admin Team in the office, the Principal and Vice-Principals, are all here to listen and help manage any issue. Please let us know immediately and speak to whomever you feel comfortable with.

We will try to resolve every complaint in a positive way with the aim of putting right a matter which may have gone wrong and, where necessary, reviewing our systems and procedures in the light of the circumstances. We have formal and informal procedures, please see our infographic below or our Complaints Policy for more details.