Online Safety

Digital technology is constantly changing, and schools play a key role in promoting internet safety.

At Bath Academy we aim to educate pupils about e-safety issues and appropriate behaviours so they remain safe and legal online.

Our online safety measures include:

  • Keeping any personal data and information safe and secure.
  • The use of filters, passwords, and monitoring of online activity to help protect students.
  • Maintenance of all current and up to date e-safety policies as outlined by British Council, ISA, NSPCC and the Department of Education

We expect all students under 18 to be responsible online, use the internet legally and follow these rules:

  • All students should aim to be careful and aware when online. They should not deliberately look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty.
  • If they accidentally find anything like this a teacher should be showed immediately.
  • If they see anything they are unhappy with or receive messages they do not like, they should tell a teacher immediately.
  • Students should not tell strangers their names or anything personal about them, or send pictures if they don’t know them.
  • Students should not use another person’s iPhone/laptop/camera/game devices.
  • Messages sent should always be polite and sensible.
  • Students should not take or send pictures of other people unless they give permission.
  • If students are not sure about anything online or how to be safe, they should ask a teacher, the Welfare & Safety Officer, or homestay provider for help.
  • Students should not be friends with teachers or any adult from Bath Academy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social networking website.

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