A Level Courses

A Levels

A Levels are the standard route to studying at UK universities, particularly for the most competitive courses at the highest ranking institutions. Our A Level students are taught in small tutorial groups and have weekly mock examinations under invigilated conditions to monitor their progress against the grades necessary for them to progress to their desired university course.

A Levels are available for students aged 16+ who have completed their GCSEs or equivalent high school certificate.

We offer a range of A Level courses including:  two year, eighteen month and one year intensive courses.

2 Year and 18 month courses

We offer both the standard 2 year A Level programme as well as an 18 month intensive course (starting in January which is ideal for international students whose academic year ends in December). In both cases, students study 3 to 4 A Level subjects.

1 Year Courses

Students who have already completed their A Levels may wish to re-take one of their subjects if they have missed their required grades or, perhaps, they need to take an additional subject for entry into their chosen university.

We provide expert advice on the combination of subjects most likely to lead to a successful university application for each individual student. Please see our Retakes page for more information on course offerings.

This is especially the case since many of our students are aiming to progress to Russell Group and other prestigious universities as well as for competitive entry courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Law, Economics and Engineering.

Our Courses
Accounting Art
Biology Business Studies
Chemistry Computing
Economics English Language
English Literature French
Further Mathematics Geography
Government and Politics History
Law Mathematics
Media Studies Philosophy
Physics Psychology
Religious Studies  Sociology

We offer all exam boards to our students. For more details on specific course descriptions, our staff are here to help you. You can also apply directly via our website.

International students should have an IELTS score of at least 6.0 (with no less than 5.0 in any skill) before starting A Level study and must take the Academic English course alongside their A Level courses until they reach a score of 6.5. If prospective students require further support in this area, Bath Academy of English is here to help.

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