University Foundation Programme (UFP)

University Foundation Programme

The course offers students an alternative route to British University degree courses. Our University Foundation Programme (UFP) is world-renowned and has an excellent success rate in placing international students at top British universities. It is an alternative to A Levels and the International Baccalaureate.

Our team has a wealth of experience in preparing students for entry into the top British universities and we have excellent relationships with many UK and international universities.


The UFP is a three-term programme and there are two yearly intakes, September to June and January to August.

Course Structure

Students can choose between a variety of pathways, allowing entry into almost all undergraduate degree courses. Our current pathways are:

• Business and Finance
• Law and Social Sciences
• Engineering and Technology
• Science

Students study 6 subjects within their chosen pathway, 3 compulsory minor modules and 3 elective major modules.

3 minor modules (studied by all students)
Mathematics IT Communication Skills/IELTS*
3 major modules in subjects that are relevant to the student’s intended degree course
Business and Finance • Accounting
• Business Organisation and Marketing
• Economics
• Further Mathematics
• Quantitative Methods
Law and Social Science • Art
• Business Organisation and Marketing
• Law
• Media Studies
• Politics
• Psychology
Engineering / Technology • Chemistry
• Computing
• Further Mathematics
• Physics
• Art must be taken for Architecture degrees
Science • Biology
• Chemistry
• Further Mathematics
• Physics

All students apply to British universities through the Universities and Colleges Admission Service, known as UCAS. The student’s Personal Tutor carefully assesses their academic record and future career ambitions before advising which universities and courses would be most suitable. The Personal Tutor helps each student to complete their UCAS application form, and writes an academic reference to accompany each  application based on the student’s performance.

We offer all exam boards to our students. Get in touch for more details on specific courses. You can apply directly via our website. You can also study the UFP at David Game College in London, close to iconic buildings such as the Tower of London, the Gherkin, the Bank of England and the Shard.

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* All international students are required to take English Language tuition as part of the course programme, either to prepare them for the IELTS examination or, to ensure that all UFP students meet university English Language entry requirements. Students who are mother-tongue English speakers or have an IELTS score of at least 6.5 study Communication Skills instead of IELTS to help them prepare for the demands of university academics.