Terms and Conditions

Sponsored and non-sponsored students

Sponsored students are those whose course fees, and sometimes other fees, are paid by an embassy or government organisation. All other students are ‘non-sponsored’. We reserve the right to determine whether a student is or is not sponsored, if there is any cause for doubt. The following terms and conditions apply to both sponsored and non-sponsored students unless otherwise indicated below.

1. Course

1.1 Admission

No student may be accepted until s/he has attended an interview at the college or has provided the college with a completed application form and academic certificates for the college to assess their suitability for their chosen course. Applicants who decide to register after some delay are advised to check with the college to make sure that the place remains available. When a place is offered, an offer letter is issued. To accept the place you must also agree to these “Terms and Conditions” which will be sent to all applicants. Together with the registration fee (and deposits for students as outlined in the offer letter), the “Terms and Conditions” document must be completed and signed by the person responsible for fees and returned to the college. All bank transfer payments must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt in order for us to track payments, both for the deposit and all further payments.

Signing the “Terms and Conditions” document, together with the payment of the required registration fee, creates a binding agreement to follow the course and to pay all invoices issued in full by the due date stated. For UK nationals, all fees are payable termly and in advance. For EEA and visa nationals, fees must be paid in full before the commencement of the course or in two instalments during the year.

The same “Terms and Conditions” apply to non-sponsored as well sponsored students with regards to bookings.

The additional “Terms and Conditions” apply to sponsored students:
Upon receipt of the course offer letter from Bath Academy, the sponsor must send a sponsorship letter for the student to Bath Academy. The sponsorship letter should state clearly Bath Academy as the course provider and our address, the fees the sponsor will be paying (full course fees and any other fees the sponsor will be paying), and payment terms. Please note that for payment terms we must receive full payment of the course and other stated fees prior the end of the student’s course. If payment is delayed, we reserve the right to stop tuition and any other service covered by the sponsorship letter for the student until payment is received. Moreover, Bath Academy will only issue a CAS (tier 4 visa) letter for a sponsored student upon receipt of the correct sponsorship letter.

1.2 Withdrawing from the course

UK Students

If, for any reason, a student, does not enrol on the course (i.e. changes mind or there is a change in circumstances) the registration fee is non-refundable. Furthermore, if you have not provided us with an academic term’s notice (or equivalent) you will be charged the first term’s fees in lieu of notice. If the student decides to withdraw from the course during the first term, a written notice must be given before the beginning of the second term. In this case, the student is not required to pay the final instalment of the fees. If the student decides to withdraw, and only notifies the college after the second term has begun, then they will have to pay the full fee. If the student is expelled in accordance with the College policies, s/he is not entitled to any refund.

EEA/International Students

If the CAS was issued and a visa was successfully obtained, but the student has changed his/her mind before the term begins and has not entered the UK, the deposit and registration fee will not be refunded. However, the student is not required to pay the remainder of the fees. is also applicable .to EEA students whether or not they are on a visa.

By entering the country either as an EEA student or by using a visa obtained through the college, the student commits to paying the full fees for the whole year to the college.

If the student is unable to reach the college before the beginning of term, they must inform the college of why they will not be present and when they expect to arrive, otherwise they will be reported to the UKBA as a ‘non-arrival’, and will be liable for the full fees.

Once the student is registered at the college and has arrived to take up their place, they must pay the first instalment of their fees within the first week of registration.

1.3 The course

The student agrees to be punctual to all classes and examinations.

The student agrees to submit all required work on time and in the correct format.
Absence from classes, for whatever reason, including sickness, does not lead to a refund of fees nor can the college be expected to provide extra lessons without charge to compensate for such absence.

New UKBA rules state that if a tier4 visa student misses 10 classes, the college is duty bound to make a report of non- attendance. If a student is reported for non-attendance they will be given 10 days to leave the country and their student visa will be revoked.

Timetables may be altered at short notice should circumstances demand.

If it is impossible to form a group of at least two in any subject, the college undertakes to provide half the usual number of hours of individual tuition for the same fees as for the group courses. If, on the other hand, a place has been offered specifically for individual tuition, then the hourly individual rate applies.

The college will enter a student’s name for an examination if the Principal is satisfied that such is in the best interests of the student. The college reserves the right to terminate the courses, either temporarily or permanently, of any student whose work effort or attendance is unsatisfactory or whose behaviour (whether on or off the premises or in or out of term time) has been prejudicial to good order or college discipline or to the reputation of the college. In such cases, no refund covering the period of exclusion will be made.
A student may be excluded from the college at any time when fees are unpaid.

The Principal may at any time when grounds for suspicion exist, require the student to give a biological sample to test for the use of illegal drugs or other substances damaging to health. If the result leads to the student’s exclusion from the course, no refund of any fees will be made.
We reserve the right to search students and confiscate any item we suspect is illegal, threaten the safety of students or staff, or otherwise disrupt our services. For example, this may include confiscating a mobile phone that a student uses during a class. All items will be returned at the end of an agreed period during the course except for illegal items.
Students are jointly and individually liable for any damage caused by them to the premises in which they are taught.

A list of the main rules governing student behaviour is provided in the Student Handbook (given to students on arrival). Each student should read this Handbook and will be required to sign a declaration confirming that they have read and understood them.

1.4 English Language requirements

Students from countries where English is not the first language, may be required to study IELTS during their course.

University Foundation Programme (UFP)

Students receive their first term’s IELTS tuition at no extra cost, as this is included in the tuition fees.
If students do not obtain the IELTS score they require for their university applications (usually with a minimum of 6.5) at the end of their first and/or second term, they must continue a full further term of UFP IELTS preparation at the full course fee published on our website until it is agreed that the student may stop.
Students on the 18 month programme (starting in January) will receive their IELTS tuition at the beginning of the second part of their course (from September). In order to progress onto this part of the course, however, they are required to reach at least a 5.0 in their IELTS exams taken during the first part of their course.

GCSE and A Level

Students following the GCSE and A Level programmes may not need to take IELTS. Their English level will be assessed upon arrival and, if the student does not have the required IELTS score for their university applications, they will be obliged to take IELTS preparation at the full course fee published on our website until it is agreed that the student may stop.

1.5 One-to-one Supplementary Tuition

The following applies to 1:1 tuition booked in addition to any other programme. Stand-alone 1:1 courses are booked as normal. All fees must be paid before tuition begins. If you cancel private tuition (one-to-one) with less than 1 working days’ notice, you will not receive any credit of your fees and all late cancellations are charged at the full rate. The college reserves the right to appoint and rotate teachers. Punctual arrival is the student’s responsibility. The College will not extend the teaching time due to the late arrival. Tuition time and date may be changed with 1 working days’ notice and subject to availability of teaching staff and classrooms.

2. Accomodation

2.1 Booking your Accommodation

All students under the age of 18 must live in college approved accommodation – unless they live with a parent or guardian. All students under the age of 18 are required to have a legal guardian who is resident in the UK. All students under the age of 16 must have a legal guardian resident in the UK and an official foster agreement in place. The agreement can take place between friends or relatives.

The College also provides details of student guardianship companies who provide this service upon request. Minimum booking for all accommodation is 1 academic term. All accommodation is subject to availability and early booking is advisable. Accommodation is arranged for the student whilst s/he is studying at the College. If the student leaves the College early, for any reason, s/he will be asked to leave his/her accommodation. Arrival dates for all accommodation should be on Saturdays or Sundays where possible. Please note that we cannot check students in before 8:00am and after 21:00. No accommodation will be booked until the full deposit has been received. During school holidays students are charged a retainer at a current rate for the period absence. For sponsored students, payment is not due prior to booking, but is discussed on arrival and the student is then required to pay in accordance with the resulting payment schedule. This is usually in advance termly instalments. For credit card payments there is a surcharge of 2%. Please note the College will attempt to resolve any dispute with homestay hosts. Changes to accommodation after arrival are at the discretion of the College and subject to availability at the time of the request. The College reserves the right to change accommodation at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

2.2 Cancelling accommodation bookings before arrival

All cancellations for bookings at a College Residence prior to arrival must be made 1 month in advance. A full term’s fee is applied for notices received within less than 1 month.
Cancellations to Homestay Residence bookings must be made with at least 2 weeks’ notice, A full term’s fee is applied for cancellations made with less than 2 weeks.

2.3 Cancelling accommodation after arrival

Any student wishing to move from any college accommodation must give one full academic term’s notice. A term’s accommodation fees may be charged in lieu of notice.

3. Airport Transfer

The airport pick up service can be booked or transfers to accommodation arranged by the College and is subject to availability.
All transfer bookings must be made 5 working days in advance of the student’s arrival date
Arrival details must be provided in advance of the arrival date. This service includes a maximum 2 hours’ waiting time from the time of arrival provided to the College. Any additional waiting time incurred beyond 2 hours will be made payable by the student. Any delays or cancellations to flights should be communicated the College. Airport pick-up fees must be paid in advance directly to the College unless otherwise stated and are non-refundable.

4. Liability

The College does not accept any liability in case of illness, accident, loss or damage to personal effects or property.
We recommend students take out insurance before arrival to the College.

5. Complaints

All complaints must be made as soon as possible and given in writing to the Principal or the Director of Studies.
Whilst the College will accept complaints received after the student has left the College, Bath Academy will be under no obligation to process refunds in these cases and any refunds made will be entirely at the discretion of the Director of Studies.

6. General

The College reserves the right to cancel a course. If a course is cancelled, the College will offer either an alternative or, a refund.

The College reserves the right to change teachers at any time during the course.
In order for Bath Academy to fulfil its obligations to the British authorities, it is necessary for the College to; see and make a copy of a student’s passport (and visa where appropriate), to have contact details for the student in Bath (including mobile number) and, to have next-of-kin details for the student. All students must agree to provide these and tell us if they change.

It is the policy of Bath Academy not to disclose personal details of any student to a third party (other than the appropriate authorities) without prior written authority of students.
Photographs of the students may be used in the College promotional and publicity materials unless the student specifically objects.

If any student fails to abide by these “Terms and Conditions” the college reserves the right to ask the student to withdraw from the course. If the student is a migrant sponsored by the College, this sponsorship will be withdrawn.

A successful college must initiate and respond to change. The offer of a place and its acceptance are given on the basis that, in the interests of the college as a whole, reasonable changes may be made from time to time to these standard terms and conditions, to the size and location of the college, to its premises and facilities, to the structure and composition of classes and the way the college is run, to the rules and disciplinary framework, to the length of the college terms and the college day and to any other aspect of the college. Fee levels will be reviewed each year and there will be reasonable increases from time to time. Fee payers will be given adequate notice of any significant proposals or changes likely to affect the college community as a whole.

We believe that these terms and conditions reflect the customs and practice of independent schools and colleges for many generations. The rules about change and about notice and fees in lieu of notice and the other rules are provided in good faith. They promote the stability, forward-planning, proper resourcing and development of the college. They help also to protect fee payers from increases in fees and liabilities caused by the defaults of others. Any waiver is effective only if given in writing by the Principal. The Fees List, as varied from time to time, is part of these terms and conditions. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects the statutory rights of students or the persons responsible for fees.

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