Following the most Government announcement and instructions, we can confirm that:

  • Bath Academy remains ‘open’ with staff continuing to operate remotely with a view to ensuring continuity of education, to answer any queries, and we continue to accept applications for both Academic and English courses.
  • The summer term continues online from June 1st, finishing on the 28th of June.
  • SCHOOL RE-OPENING: After the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding the possibility of some school openings from June, we have decided against re-opening in June for the following reasons:
      • The majority of students are in Year 11 and 13, so will be completing their studies in the first week of June;
      • Of  those students completing Year 12, some are boarders who live far from Bath, and those who are more local need to undertake journeys on public transport;
      • The buildings are small and it would be difficult to ensure safe levels of social distancing immediately;
      • The students’ online courses are very popular and attendance and motivation is high.
      • For the full statement from our Principal regarding this, please click the document icon on the right or bottom of the page.


  • For the upcoming summer term, Bath Academy students will continue learning on our online platforms until the restriction is lifted;
  • Teaching will continue via ‘Showbie’, our paperless classroom, Zoom, and Socrative, until further notice. These programmes of learning involve both continued instruction as well as continuing opportunities for assessment. All students, teachers, and staff have used and become accustomed to these platforms, and they have been met with high cooperation and attendance, making our initial transition to online learning very successful. For more information regarding these learning platforms, our safeguarding policy regarding online learning, and our summer term ahead calendar, click here.
  • The academic curriculum that will be carried out between April 14 and the end of the summer term will be used as information and evidence to enable the exam boards to award students’ final grades upon completion of their courses.


Bath Academy is adopting the Boarding Schools’ Association ‘Covid Safe Charter.’ The Charter confirms that we will comply with all government guidance and rules as well as the additional requirements of the Charter with regard to student safety and welfare.

The BSA Covid-Safe Charter includes measures that schools must implement or undertake prior to reopening. Preparation includes deep-cleaning, testing and medical procedures, staff training, arrival procedures for international students, and clear advise given to students, parents and agents.

When schools are open, guidelines cover many issues such as hygiene requirements, social distancing in the college, new fire evacuation procedures, and clear notices displayed so all information is easily visible for students.

For international students, there will be new arrival procedures following COVID guidelines including confirmation of the arrangements for collecting the pupil from the point of arrival in the country, transport to school and quarantine procedures.

For the full details of the BSA Covid-Safe Charter, please click here.