General Information for Examination Candidates

Bath Academy offers internal and private candidates access to exam series from AQA, OCR, Pearson, WJEC and Cambridge Assessment International Education.

The Examinations Officer is Janet Whittaker contactable by email or 01225 466834.

COVID-19 UPDATE FOR EXAMS 2020 – May 12, 2020

Due to COVID_19, the external examination series for Summer 2020 is no longer going ahead. Instead, Bath Academy will be providing estimated grades for all our internal students in line with recently published Ofqual Guidance.

The only NEA data required by the exam boards is that for GCSE English Language and A Level Science qualifications, this will be submitted by your tutors directly to the exam boards. Unlike in recent years, all information regarding your estimated grades, rank order, and NEA results, will remain confidential between centres and exam boards. Candidates/Parents/Guardians will not be informed as this would constitute malpractice, indeed any pressure put on teaching staff/centres to influence or disclose such information is reportable to the examination boards, who may investigate this as potential candidate malpractice. Please see the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) update for more information.

COVID-19 UPDATE for External/Private candidates – May 12, 2020

The situation for external/private candidates is somewhat different, as unless these candidates have an established relationship with Bath Academy or can provide substantial evidence from another educational establishment, we are unlikely to be able to provide a fair and realistic judgement of an estimated grade. In these cases, the exam boards have stated that there will be an additional Autumn exam series when candidates may take the exams they were entered for the this summer. At the time of writing we do not have any specific details of what and when this will be.

Results Day

The results days are still as originally scheduled:

  • Thursday, 13 August 2020 for GCE (AS & A Levels & CIE Pre-U)
  • Thursday, 20 August 2020 for GCSE results

(Results data will be shared with UCAS as normal)

Please note:

  • Bath Academy will NOT be open to students on exam results days.
  • Malpractice regulations prevent exam results information being given out over the telephone
  • All results will be emailed out to students’ Bath Academy email address (external/private candidates’ results will be emailed to the email addresses provided on application).
  • This will be done as soon as possible after 08.30 on the appropriate day (13/08/20 for GCE results, and 20/08/20 for GCSE results).
  • A hard copy of all results will also be posted to students’ home addresses later on results day

Bath Academy students MUST check that they are able to access their email accounts prior to results day.

For more important information regarding the Exam Results Process this year for Bath Academy Students, please see the document at the bottom of the page. It is vitally important that you read this and follow the procedures outlined if you wish to receive your exam results on the appropriate exam results day.


As there are no examinations this year the standard post-results services such as Access to Scripts, Reviews of Marking and Reviews of Moderation will not apply.

Instead there will be an appeals process for centres, however not all the details of this have been made available as yet, what we do know can be read below. For more information regarding appeals, please click here.

Proposed Autumn Exam Series

This exam series will enable students to sit exams if:

  • they feel they could have demonstrated improved performance in an exam or if they need an improved result to progress onto the next stage of their education
  • there is not enough evidence for a calculated grade to be derived in the summer (this may include private candidates)

For more details regarding autumn exams, read the letter from the Examinations Officer below.