General Information for Examination Candidates

Bath Academy offers internal and private candidates access to exam series from AQA, OCR, Pearson, WJEC and Cambridge Assessment International Education.

The Examinations Officer is Amy Hubbard contactable by email or 01225 334 577.

EXAMS 2021

On the 4th January the Prime Minister announced that summer exams will not go ahead as normal and on 13th the Secretary of State for Education – Gavin Williamson – wrote to the Chief Regulator at Ofqual stating that it is his firm policy position that alternative arrangements are needed to award GCSE and A Level qualifications this summer. He has asked Ofqual to consult on alternatives which should involve the awarding of grades based on teacher assessments. This consultation period will run until around 27th January. Once the relevant bodies have let schools and examination boards know how GCSE and A Level qualifications will be assessed and grades awarded, we will give Bath Academy students and parents information regarding how this will be arranged.

Please note that students at Bath Academy are well-placed in this situation due to their weekly formative assessments, mock exam results, and further assessments that will take place during the rest of the year. Teaching staff will be providing their normal support for students’ achievements and progression throughout the academic year.

Mock Examinations:

Mock examinations for students that have been entered for GCSE & GCE qualifications for Summer 2021 are being held in the week 26-30 April,  May 17th – 21st, and June 7th – 9th. There should only be one paper per subject, but it is important that all students take these papers as, they will form part of the grade assessment process for qualifications in Summer 2021.

To comply with awarding criteria for centre assessment grades all mock exams will be held under formal external exam conditions. Please ensure that you are familiar with these conditions listed under EXAM REGULATIONS FOR ALL CANDIDATES below.

Students can collect their own individual candidate timetable from Queens Square reception.  If there are any anomalies please report these immediately to the exam officer, so that they can be resolved in plenty of time before the exams start.

April Mocks 2021 – Timetable

May Mocks 2021 – Timetable


Please read the current JCQ Documentation for all students that are taking external GCSE & GCE Examinations this year:

It is important that you are aware of these regulations, more information will follow closer to the exam season regarding exam procedures at Bath Academy.

Internal Candidates

Please find all the details, including fees, for internal exam candidates here.

Private Candidates

General information regarding private candidate entries can be found here, including fees.

Information regarding A level / AS level & GCSE June 2021 private candidate exam applications can be found here:


Please contact the Examinations Officer ( if you require additional information on exams.

The Exam Policies are listed below, please ensure that you read and understand the documentation above prior to your examination series.