As students eagerly and fearfully await their A level results in August, it is very easy to feel that everything depends upon the difference between an A or a B grade. Of course, when that fateful day arrives, this could make the difference between that coveted place at university and the dreaded Clearing phonelines. But, there is another option…you can sit your A Levels again and get that grade you want!!

We offer retake courses for students who do not achieve the A level grades they require to progress to the university of their choice. We also run bespoke courses for students with unique requirements.

Failing you’re A levels could be the best thing that ever happened!

Why Resit?

One of the primary reasons is to get onto a degree course for which you need better grades than the ones you achieved. Attending university is expensive and it’s necessary to make sure that the money you have to pay for three years or more of higher education, gets you the best possible degree. A lot of students also do not want to settle for a lower grade than one they know they are capable of getting or go to a university that they have not really chosen. Another reason is that many corporate employers take into account graduate applicants’ A level grades when deciding on employing staff.

What we offer

Bath Academy teach A Level subjects in: Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, Government and Politics, History, Law, Mathematics, Media Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish.

We are committed to our students’ well-being and learning potential. We want our students to excel and to feel challenged and motivated in their studies. Because of our small class sizes and personal tutoring, our students receive our undivided attention and this is the reason for their success in progressing to high ranking universities.

Will I improve my A Level grades?

The majority of students who retake A levels improve, and it’s not uncommon for a student to get several grades higher. We have had a number of students who have made an 8 grade improvement across three A Levels.

Do Universities accept retakes?

Yes, in almost all cases. A couple will increase their standard offer, but the majority appreciate that students who retake are highly motivated and, because they have overcome disappointment, will work harder on the degree.

Can I study something new whilst retaking?

Yes, there are quite a few subjects that you could start from new alongside retakes as an intensive one-year A Level. It’s difficult to do this in less than three terms though. Changing exam board might help too. Bath Academy can give you detailed advice on how much change you might face, and you may find that a new exam specification suits you better than the one you studied previously.


Available from 18th to 31st August
(excluding Sundays)
10am – 1pm
Bath Academy are running a series of free drop-in advice
sessions (without commitment) for parents and students
to speak to a member of our Senior Management Team.
Drop in to discuss:
– A Level / GCSE Retakes
– Alternative routes to studying at a British University
– Broader options for students’ academic future.