‘Twas The Night Before Bath Christmas Market 


‘Twas the night before Bath Christmas Market, and all through the square,  
not a creature was stirring, a sight seen so rare 
The stalls were all built looking festive and fab 
In hopes that all visitors would find a deal to grab 
The students were busy putting up a tree 
One so large and beautiful you never did see! 
Just like elves on a cold Christmas Eve 
They were determined to have it ready to receive 
So out on Queen Square, when people awoke 
Was the biggest, most sparkly tree made of oak 
Rising proud and tall from a tiny courtyard 
It was a surprising sight on the boulevard 
Though big and beautiful it remained bare 
And was certainly in need of some decorative care 
Alas came the baubles to add festive cheer 
And to remember and honour those we love so dear  
But what name to give so special a tree? 
For a cause so important it can only be 
Dorothy’s Tree, lit up so bright 
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!