January 27, 2021

We know learning and studying remotely is hard. Whether students are at home or in a boarding house, it can be difficult to self-motivate and keep working. We all want to resume in-person classes as soon as we can, but for now we need to make the best of it.
It may be hard to feel engaged virtually, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes there can even be benefits to it. What are the plus sides of learning online with Bath Academy?
👥 Classes are small so less imposing and easier to engage with classmates and your teacher
🧑🏻‍🏫 You can receive instant, individualised feedback more often in online lessons
👨🏼‍💻 It is easier to collaborate as a group on a particular problem or task
🎥 Lessons are recorded as well as ‘live’, so if you miss something you can go back in time with the lesson, or do it at your own pace
💻 Resources can be provided more easily and structured to align with the syllabus
These are just a few benefits we see from the teaching side of online learning, as well as feedback from our students for the learning side. Do you have any others you can add? Let us know!

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