Hit the Ground Running

Starting in June, we are offering A-Level Preparation Courses online, specialising in STEM subjects (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), but from July 6th we’ll also be offering other subjects (please email to enquire).

Parents and students have requested that we offer courses for those who are missing over a term of education due to COVID-19, especially Year 11’s progressing to A-Levels in September.

This is a crucial transition point for young people aspiring to professional careers. It is well known that there is a significant leap to be made from GCSE to A Level standard work, especially in Mathematics and Science subjects. Some students are currently feeling anxious; concerned that schools closed before they had completed their GCSE courses, they may not have received the same level of teaching since February, and worried they do not feel ‘ready’ for the A-Levels they are due to start in September.

Why take an online A-Level Preparation Course with Bath Academy?

  • Ambitious students aiming at careers in Medicine, Pharmacy, Finance, Data Science and Engineering need to make a strong start to their A Level courses if they are to achieve the best grades
  • All of our specialist teachers have expert knowledge in these subjects, often acting as examiners
  • STEM subjects require intensive focus, which is best achieved in our small teaching groups and personalised tutoring
  • All students are assigned a Personal Tutor who will provide support throughout the course
  • We offer valuable personal guidance to individual students regarding careers, subject choice and ability profiling:
    • Morrisby Assessment – psychometric profiling of abilities, interests, learning styles and personality to guide students in career, subject choice, personal strengths and weaknesses
    • 30 minutes individual feedback session – with their personal tutor
    • CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) profiling and guidance discussion – helping us to understand a student’s underlying potential and wider capabilities


Course Details:


Academic Subjects

Academic Guidance Programme






CAT4 assessment

Morrisby psychometric profiling

Individual guidance interview

£350 – 1 subject + guidance

(each additional subject = £250)

Students choose number of subjects

(other subjects available)

Each subject course lasts Monday – Friday  (one three-hour session per day)

*The programme can be undertaken on a tuition only basis (i.e., with no guidance) please contact the college to enquire.

Other subjects available, please enquire.

Interested? Please fill out the contact form below or email us at info@bathacademy.co.uk and we’ll get straight back to you.