Learn & have fun. Wide range of events. Student-led choices.

Bath Academy’s Social Activities Programme includes a wide range of fun and stimulating activities designed to suit all tastes; from paint-balling to afternoon tea, kayaking to Quiz nights, the Academy’s social calendar is created to appeal to varied student interests and ages.  Our Social Programme changes each year, with different parties, sports activities, and weekend excursions, to give students the opportunity to meet new people, build their confidence, and enjoy their life as a student in Bath.

Our Social Programme Team sends out a student survey at the beginning of each year to see what interests the students have, as they do vary from year to year! The programme is therefore ‘student-led’ and changes each term as it is designed to appeal to each student cohort. A list of monthly activities is posted on the student notice board, on social media, and can also be found in our Student Newsletter.

Alongside our social activities, Bath Academy will be running an extensive Student Development & Enrichment Programme focusing on charity projects, teamwork and leadership opportunities, work experience, and many other ways to help our students develop not only academically, but personally as well. Our objective is to put some more fun into our students’ learning experience whilst offering opportunities to learn more about themselves, develop new skills, make new relationships, focus on their future and contribute to the school and wider community.

Some enrichment sessions will be obligatory, and all students are encouraged to take part as we believe it is an ideal opportunity to continue learning outside of the classroom, and the chance to integrate with our diverse mix of students and staff.

We are always happy to hear ideas from students about activities they would like us to organise. Please speak to any of our staff with your ideas. Please click here to see all our upcoming events.

A Covid-Safe Social Programme for 2021 – 2022

This year we are determined to make our social programme as fun, interesting, interactive, engaging, relevant, Covid-safe, socially-distanced, and non-pressurised as before! We will offer as many activities as we can both online and in-person so no one misses out, always adhering to current government rules and regulations, as the safety of our students is paramount. We will also endeavour to do more outside activities when possible, or choose venues that are spacious and safe for our students.

We encourage our students to give us any feedback or suggestions for activities, talks or events they would like to see on the programme. Here’s an example of what we offered this past year (with Covid restrictions).