My Experience on my Placement at Bath Academy

Posted: 19th February 2024

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I am studying BSc Business at the University of Bath, a degree which requires two sixth-month placements. As I adored the historical city of Bath so much, I decided to stay for my first placement. I was delighted when Bath Academy invited me to an interview and even more so when I was accepted for the Marketing and Admissions Assistant Placement Role!

That’s where my journey began and now 18 months later I am at the stage of having to search for a second placement. Here, I would love to share my thoughts on the college/company and my experience –


Friendly Atmosphere

Firstly, the experience far exceeded anything I ever expected. As a newbie student you don’t really know what to expect, however the family atmosphere and working environment was a pleasant surprise. All staff members from the Marketing Team to the Principal, welcomed me with open arms and treated me as an equal, which is very unusual. During my time at Bath Academy I know I was always supported and loved by everyone. This is what sets Bath Academy apart from any other school and working environment – the school is small, everyone knows each other and the warm community is very apparent. Exchanging smiles and kind words in the corridors and gifting each other flowers without reason, are values that made my experience irreplaceable.


The Ability to Reach my Potential

One of Bath Academy’s core principles is to support students in reaching their full potential in a way that works for them and in what they love to do. This can be said just as much for me during my placement. I was able to learn as much as I could from everyone I knew and maximise my knowledge. Even though I had a specified job description, I was able to explore my interests in other areas too. For example, when creating marketing materials for internal use such as posters for the Social Programme, I became extremely interested in getting involved with running events for the Social Programme. This resulted in me organising and running the events myself and fully realising my passion for Events Management alongside Marketing!


Push Yourself

Many of us often wait for things to happen to us, mostly because it is difficult to face something unfamiliar and because it’s uncomfortable placing yourself out of your comfort zone. However, my placement at Bath Academy continually challenged me and gave me the confidence to ask questions, and ultimately learn. Yes it was daunting, but I wouldn’t have learnt half as much if I was handed everything on a silver platter. Don’t wait for tasks to be assigned to you, go and find yourself things to do!


I can confidently say that after my time at Bath Academy, I am even more interested in marketing and am excited to pursue a career down that road. I have gained so many skills that can never be taught in a classroom and no matter where my life takes me, I will always keep/hold Bath Academy close to my heart.



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