Enrichment Programme

Bath Academy runs an Enrichment Programme focusing on academic support, career guidance, student wellbeing, as well as teamwork and leadership experiences. The aim of this programme is to support our students in becoming independent, well-rounded and capable young adults, with an objective to provide opportunities to grow outside the classroom and enhance our students’ overall learning experience, whilst helping them appreciate how they can contribute to wider society.

The college offers a wide range of dynamic activities for every type of student; enrichment sessions range from various workshops, drop-in clinics, to online courses and guest speakers, as well as challenge opportunities for highly motivated students, such as Olympiad competitions in various subjects, Art and Writing Competitions, and Science/Math Challenges.

The programme seeks to provide students with training and guidance in five essential areas:

  • Academic Enrichment – EPQ, Apprenticeships, Revision & Study Skills Workshops
  • Future Planning – Goal Setting, Careers Day, UCAS Guidance
  • Skills and Character Development – Relationships, Listening Skills, Interview Practice
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing – Mindfulness, Exam Stress Management
  • Contributing to the school and wider community – Volunteering Opportunities, Charity Event Planning

A-Level & UFP Enrichment:

One enrichment session will take place each week. All A-Level and UFP students are required to attend two sessions per half term (four sessions per term). Activities will be repeated throughout the year, so students get a second chance at attending them.

Sample sessions include;

  • UCAS/Personal Statement Clinics
  • Study Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Medical Ethics
  • Tanzania Trip

GCSE Enrichment:

One enrichment session will take place each week, and all GCSE students are required to attend. These sessions are important for this stage of education for students to develop new skills and interests to further their academic ambitions and personal development.

Sample sessions include;

  • Revision & Study Skills
  • Mindfulness Sessions
  • Sixth Form Choices
  • Internet Safety
  • Sexual Health
  • The Shoebox Appeal