teacher directing the class

Our Vision

Personal attention to individual students is central to our academic vision. It makes Bath Academy educationally distinctive and appeals to students of all levels of ability. We believe that taking time to know students and adapting to their individual needs leads to effective teaching, better learning and a positive day-to-day community experience.

Personalised Approach

Bath Academy aims to counter the impersonal and isolating effects of contemporary culture by engaging directly with each student. This personal approach is a powerful and surprisingly simple educational force. Students meet caring adults who increase their incentive to engage in serious learning, help channel their creative curiosity, and make education more responsive to the realities of their individual differences.

Bath Academy is committed to helping each and every one of its students reach their full potential, both in academic and non-academic endeavours. Tomorrow’s leaders have to start somewhere, and at Bath Academy we believe in equipping our students with the skills needed to thrive and prosper in their later lives.

We are keen to foster a dynamic and proactive spirit amongst our students. We believe that, in addition to good grades, individuals who are successful are those who display initiative, work hard, possess outstanding communication skills and approach life in a positive and purposeful manner. We encourage our young people to assume responsibility and make a difference to their immediate environment.

The atmosphere at college is one of encouragement; for all students to continuously strive to reach their personal best but also to provide support to ensure they do not withdraw into self-doubt and anxiety. Our ambition is for students to leave us with the academic skills and confidence to enjoy and succeed at university and beyond.