A Level teaching encompasses personalised tuition in small classes, giving students the opportunity to expand and demonstrate their knowledge in the subject through class work, regular assessments, and mock examinations. Our personal tutors guide A-Level students effectively through the UCAS programme,

Our aim is to help students gain academic experience in preparation for University in a nurturing, flexible environment, and to help those who do not achieve the grades they require to progress to the university of their choice.


GCSEs can be studied for the first time or as retakes to improve one’s academic profile and gain a solid foundation for future Advanced Level study. We offer a two-year GCSE programme and a one-year intensive GCSE programme, as well as IGCSEs.

IGCSEs are the world’s most popular international certification for end of secondary school not offered in state schools. They are equally valued by universities and employers and in some subjects a better preparation for A levels. For more information on IGCSE’S click here


We offer the opportunity for students to re-take subjects to boost their grades at A-Level. The average grade improvement by our resit students is two grades.

Revision & Supplementary Tuition

Stay on track and improve exam grades with our term time and holiday courses (available in a group or one-to-one basis).

Pre A-Level

The Pre-A Level Course prepares international students for the demands of A Level (Advanced Level) study.

University Foundation Programme

Study specialist pathways leading directly to degree programmes in Science, Business and Finance, Social Sciences and Engineering to study at one of the top 20 British universities.

International Medical Foundation Programme

A 1-year programme specifically designed to provide students with the best possible grounding for application to Medical and Dental schools.