Student Safety & Welfare

Our students’ welfare, safety and well-being are our utmost concern at Bath Academy. Students are given a welcome pack on arrival to ensure that they are quickly settled and established in Bath, with information about travel and what to see and do in our beautiful city.

Our Accommodation and Welfare Officer is always on hand to offer advice and support, and our School Nurse is available throughout the day to help with minor medical matters and referral to medical services. Students are encouraged to access support services where necessary and Bath is well-provided with a range of professional organisations.


We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all our students. We fundamentally believe that every child has the right to learn in a safe environment, and that the safeguarding and welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility in the college.

Safeguarding is at the centre of our pastoral care provision. We recognise that all staff have a role to play in ensuring we keep our students safe, and as such, all staff appointed to work at the college undergo full enchanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks.

Students are encouraged to speak to any member of staff with any concerns they may have. Our staff are trained to listen and to follow strict guidelines to ensure the child’s safeguarding issues are addressed fully and efficiently.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Tim Naylor (Principal)

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Natalia Knott (Accommodation & Welfare Officer)

Any safeguarding questions, or concerns, can be directed to

Safety First

Safety is an important priority, especially where students are away from home, and we ensure that students know exactly what to do in case of emergency. We have a dedicated emergency contact number for out of hours and students are instructed to stay in small groups during evenings and weekends when moving around the city. Boarding staff and homestay parents ensure that they know their students’ whereabouts at all times and that they can be contacted at any time by phone.

All staff, whether teaching, non-teaching or homestay, are DBS checked and trained in safeguarding and child protection procedures. The Welfare Officer is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and all concerns should be passed to her in the first instance, or to the Vice Principal or Principal in her absence. Our homestay placements are checked at least annually to comply with our commitment to safety regulations and care of our students.

Students are made aware of fire and safety procedures and fire drills are carried out regularly within the school day and during boarding time. Homestay parents are also made aware of their responsibilities with regard to fire and health and safety and all appliances are regularly checked and certified.

For more information on student welfare and safety, please read our Terms & Conditions, Student Handbook and Child Protection Policy.

Accommodation & Welfare Officer – Natalia Knott

School Nurse – Alan Chapman

EMERGENCY Out of Hours number +44 (0)7400618999