Online Support – 14/04/20

As we temporarily move to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, we also move our various forms of student support online. From this week we will be hosting various Café Zoom sessions. We have a weekly schedule planned with both informal and informative discussions. Students should be receiving emails with all the details.

There is a social aspect to all the café sessions, with pastoral support where required and some added focus on topical issues such as Mental Health Awareness during lockdown, online safety, nutrition for brain power, study tips, how to stay motivated, and open sessions where students can voice any concerns they might have.

Supporting Achievement

Our aim is to ensure students have the confidence, self-discipline and skills to manage their specific learning requirements, not just during their studies at Bath Academy, but to take with them into their adult life. We support their achievements, no matter how small, for each one is a step closer to success.

We are all the same and we are all different, a perception that is foremost in Bath Academy’s support for students.  All students wish to succeed and be included with their peers but the challenges they face as individuals are very different.

Every second week, each student meets with their personal tutor to discuss their progress. These meetings are an opportunity to affirm their strengths, and work with them to remove any obstacle to achieving their best. These hurdles may concern their well-being, both physical and emotional, learning skills and disabilities, or simply the steps encountered to being an independent university student. Continuing dialogue between students, tutors, teachers and parents ensures a prompt response to issues that arise.

For international students, regular/weekly reviews of their progress and the close liaison between the specialist English teachers and academic teachers ensures support is directed to the individual student’s needs.

University Guidance

‘What do I want to do be?’ is the challenge that all students face in an increasingly complex world. Applying for University courses through the UCAS system requires realistic reflections on dreams, ambitions, abilities and personality.  We use Futurewise careers service to prepare a psychometric report for each student to give them a positive and helpful starting point in this process; a process that is supported throughout by their personal tutor. (The Futurewise service continues to be available to students for a further 4 years).


Bath Academy prides itself on its flexibility. Missed years of education, whether from ill health or simply moving from one education system to another, are easily resolved by the adaptability of Bath Academy courses.  A bespoke timetable is created to suit each student’s schedule and individual needs, taking into account how the dynamics and diversity of fellow classmates can enhance their experience here, fostering a sense of inclusion and community.

“When Emma started with us she had spent the last two years in and out of hospital, but over three years despite continuing physical limitations she gained three A levels and is now an undergraduate.” – Christina Campbell, Tutor

Unexpected poor performance can be devastating. Bath Academy offers experienced guidance in finding the reasons behind it and constructive help with solutions. Competent students often manage learning difficulties until they are under the pressure of A level exams, and we provide that extra support they need to succeed.

“By identifying and learning to manage a previously unrecognised disability, Luke turned a very disappointing result to the highest grades and a place at a top university.” Tim Naylor, Principal

Recommended learning techniques are not always easy for students to apply or achieve consistently. Personal tutors work with the students and liaise with teachers and specialist advisors to encourage them to apply what has been advised. We have had much experience with students who are academically challenged or who have mild learning disabilities such as dyslexia or ADHD, providing a comfortable and viable option for these students to succeed against all odds.

“I would like to say a special thank you to everyone for being so welcoming to our son, you have all made a huge difference in his attitude, studies and mental health.” Parent of A-Level Student