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Sixth Form

Bath Academy’s Sixth Form has had a long history of supporting the individual achievements of our diverse range of students from both the UK and abroad. Over the years, we have evolved educationally into a progressive, international, and dynamic college whilst retaining traditional academic values.

Our student successes and exam results prove that our students are thriving in smaller classes and a more personalised teaching environment. As we teach in very small groups, we are able to provide a distinctive learning platform for those who need another attempt at exams, or if they face additional learning challenges.


Our A-Level students are taught in small tutorial groups and have weekly Formative Assessments which are supervised in our Study Centre. The purpose is to monitor their progress, find gaps in knowledge, and get students familiar with exam conditions. Our Formative Assessments have proved invaluable to both teachers and students targeting weak areas and working on strengthening them together.


With our personalised approach, we seek to support each student with individual attention and encouragement, and foster their unique strengths, initiative and creativity. Each student has their own Personal Tutor who they meet with weekly. In these one-to-one sessions, students are supported both academically and personally, with overall well-being the priority. In small classes, students receive targeted tuition and are able to focus on their individual learning styles.


As an independent college, our A-level students’ value-added progress is above average, largely due to our personalised approach and system of weekly Formative Assessments which allows students to target specific weak areas and strengthen knowledge. The average grade improvement by re-sit students is two grades, with some achieving 6-8 grade improvements across subjects. Our results for all courses are especially impressive with students from diverse backgrounds, some joining part way through the year on short, intensive courses.


From the start of the academic year, students are guided with university preparation and career choices, from choosing their A-Level subjects to expert UCAS advice with university applications. Psychometric assessments with FutureSmart Careers and a CAT4 Cognitive test further assist us to help students make informed decisions about future careers, and this is maintained throughout the year through our Personal Tutor system and Enrichment sessions.


Learning to make the right choices at the Sixth Form stage is an essential part of personal development. The Enrichment Programme provides opportunities for personal and academic growth, making real face-to-face connections more accessible to students, whether it’s with university representatives, medical interview practice, or mindfulness coaches. Increased links with medical schools, universities, charity projects, and previous students have also proven valuable to students who feel lost in the competitive academic world and reminds them that everyone has a different student journey.


We provide Resit Courses for those students who need more expert teaching and support to fulfil their potential and progress to the best universities. We’ve seen marked improvements in each student that has taken a Resit course, often surpassing their initial target grades and exceeding their expectations.


Bath Academy provides a solid stepping-stone to university for those who require flexible, alternative routes to higher education. We are proud to see many of our students gain places at their first-choice university, with the majority consistently at Russell Group or Times Top 30 Universities. Here are some of our recent Student University Destinations.