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Social Programme

Bath Academy’s Social Programme host various events, excursions, and activities throughout the year, such as themed parties, charity events, film nights, quizzes, outdoor recreational activities, excursions in and beyond Bath, and of course our Annual Summer event in May where we celebrate all our students’ achievements from the year is not to be missed! Nothing is obligatory, only encouraged, as our focus is on getting the most out of each student without the added pressures of ‘must-do’ social activities.

We aim to include a wide range of fun activities designed to suit all tastes, as well as weekly Student Clubs and monthly day trips away to places such as Bristol, Oxford, and London.

Our Social Programme changes each year, with different parties, sports activities, and weekend excursions, to give students the opportunity to meet new people, build their confidence, and enjoy their life as a student in Bath.

Student-Led Choices

Our Social Programme is organised on a month-to-month basis, based on a student survey completed at the beginning of the academic year. Our ‘student-led’ programme changes each term as it is designed to appeal to each student cohort.

Monthly activities are posted on student notice boards, social media, and can also be found in our Student Newsletters.

We are always happy to hear ideas from students about activities they would like us to organise. Please speak to any of our staff with your ideas.

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