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Why Bath Academy

Tailored Teaching

Our tutors are qualified teachers and academics who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects, and who thrive on the small school environment of Bath Academy. This atmosphere enables them to focus on targeted teaching and individualised learning of each student, without the constraints of mainstream institutions. Many of our teaching staff have postgraduate qualifications in their specialised subject and some are senior examiners for examination boards.

Excellent Examination Results

As an independent college, our A-level students’ value-added progress is above average, largely due to our personalised approach and system of weekly Formative Assessments which allows students to target specific weak areas and strengthen knowledge. The average grade improvement by re-sit students is two grades, with some achieving 6-8 grade improvements across subjects. Our results for all courses are especially impressive with students from diverse backgrounds, some joining part way through the year on short, intensive courses.

A Diverse & International Student Body

At Bath Academy, we embrace diversity in all its forms, welcoming students from all over the world who benefit from our focused language teaching, expert tuition, and personal approach. As class sizes are so small, international students are placed with students of a similar level academically and within their language fluency, enabling swift and effective progress in their studies.

Small Class Sizes

Classes at Bath Academy are very small, sometimes one-to-one. No academic class has more than eight students and the average class size is three, allowing tutors to focus their teaching on the thinking processes of the student. Careful questioning and regular assessment and follow-up allow students to take ownership of their learning and be able to focus their work where they need to improve.

Individual Attention

We work hard at the enquiry and application stage to ensure that students have all the information they need and that we support them in making the best choices to secure the best options for the future. Each student’s course programme is negotiated on a bespoke basis and every student is on a personalised programme designed just for them.

Small School Environment

A fundamental part of the student experience at Bath Academy is that each student is known and cared for, either by our admissions and welfare staff, our tutors, or our management team; there is always an approachable adult at hand to follow up questions or concerns. The informal atmosphere at our college is one of the things students like best as it puts them at ease, whilst we ensure their overall well-being is looked after.

Exceptional Student Support

Student support at Bath Academy is of the highest priority to ensure our students’ happiness and fulfilled ambitions. To effectively meet the personal, academic, and social wellbeing of students is paramount to the framework of our college, and this is achieved through our one-to-one personal tutoring programme, individual student guidance with psychometric assessments and UCAS applications, our Learning Support Specialists for those with learning difficulties, and our enrichment programme which focuses on wellbeing and career guidance.

A Non-selective School

We strive to ensure that the academically confident are still challenged and those who need further support and time are also encouraged. We do not admit students on the basis of academic ability but on their motivation to learn. We focus on whether we are able to provide an appropriate individual programme of studies to encourage the student’s potential achievement. We have been able to support students with a wide range of abilities to progress to the best universities.

Central City Location

Bath is one of the most beautiful and safe cities in the world. Our UNESCO World heritage city is full of impressive architecture, green spaces and a rich diversity of museums, galleries and activities. Our small campus is located across two buildings in the centre of Bath of beautiful Queen Square, making it a convenient and appealing place to study with easy access to the town centre and all its amenities.