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Student Journeys

Each student’s journey is unique and personal to them. We’ve had the joy of seeing our students go on to graduate from university, some doing their Masters, and many on to successful careers. We are happy to be part of their academic journey and help set the foundation for these successes.


Eli – One Year A-Level Student

Ellie took her second year of A-Level with us following a very successful set of GCSEs at a previous school. She then went on to receive a place studying History of Art at University of Edinburgh and is currently a Creative Brand Strategist, Digital Marketer and Freelance writer.

“Thank you so much for all of your help across the year. I loved my time at Bath Academy and am so grateful to have been challenged in such a nurturing environment. I am very relieved to have my place at Edinburgh confirmed, a result of your constant support.”

Eli’s art piece was in the final at Studio 44AD’s ‘The Art of Communication in the Commonwealth’ prize exhibition. Her piece was created in response to this year’s theme and is entitled ‘Discommunication in the Commonwealth’:

Eli says, “The piece centres around the protests regarding the Brunei law that dictated gay marriage illegal and called for stoning to death as a punishment for those accused. The idea of ‘discommunication’ stems from the fact that countries such as Brunei and the United Kingdom are united by their place within the commonwealth and yet remain so divided on human rights issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, leaving members of the community within countries like Brunei feeling erased, unrepresented and criminalised for being who they are. The image used for reference was taken at one of these marches, with the text ‘stone one of us, face all of us’ being extracted from the sign the protestor was holding at the time.”

Hannah – One Year A-Level Student

Hannah was studying at a previous school but was disappointed with her A-Level results. She came to Bath Academy in 2019 to resit French and Maths alongside a vigorous netball training schedule at the University of Bath. Her hard work and determination paid off and she attained a place at Bath University studying Criminology as well as being selected for the England U21 Netball Squad for 2021. She continues to be an elite athlete on the Bath Superleague Team as well as a Research Assistant at the National Crime Agency whilst she completes her degree.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bath Academy and I wouldn’t have my place at Bath Uni and two A grades without it! I am so impressed with all the teachers’ commitment to their students and even to their subjects! I cannot thank you all enough!”

Katie Aitchison – One-Year A-Level Student

Former A-Level student Katie went on to gain a place at University of Bristol and graduated with a Masters in Physiological Science. Katie then went on to work at Imperial College London as a Research Technician, and is now studying a Masters in Physician Associate Studies at St. George’s in London! Katie’s student journey proves that there is no limit to what you can achieve if you apply yourself with perseverance and dedication.

“Taking a few A-Level modules at Bath Academy enabled me to get into Bristol uni, and doing the Masters course there has helped me get this job at Imperial, and also get into St George’s in London to study Physician Associate Studies Masters”.

Erin – A-Level Student

Erin studied an intensive A-Level course with us in 2015-2016 which landed her a place studying Law at Cardiff University, and has recently graduated with a Masters of Law. She is currently pursuing a PhD as a Doctoral Researcher! What an incredible student journey Erin has had, and we are so happy to have been a part of it.

“I wouldn’t be where I am without my education at Bath Academy and I am forever grateful for the support your team gave me whilst I was a student!”

Logan – Two-Year A-Level Student

After a year of Sixth Form at his previous school, Logan joined us in September 2022 to restart his A-Level journey. He took our two-year A-Level programme to study Psychology, Business, and Economics. Logan’s attitude to his studies and support from the subject tutors resulted in him achieving AAB and gaining a place at University of Liverpool to study Business & Economics.

John – One Year A-Level Student

John experienced many different international education systems which proved challenging for his academic development. He came to Bath Academy to study A-Level Sociology and Politics in 2019 as well as a few GCSEs which were required for his desired university place. He was offered a place to study Hospitality Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences in Holland in 2020.

Egor – A-Level Student from Russia

Egor studied Economics, Maths, Further Maths, and Politics with us in 2017 before going on to University of Exeter to study a BSc in Management with Marketing. Egor is living in Moscow now but would like to return to the UK to take a Masters in Economics or Maths.

Eveney – Two-Year A-Level Student

Eveney joined Bath Academy from a state school in Wiltshire following underperformance in her GCSEs. She took the decision to join Sixth Form at Bath Academy to ensure her full potential was achieved. Eveney’s efforts in her studies were commendable and she overcame challenges to her mental health due to external difficulties, giving her confidence and a solid foundation to join The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after her gap year.

Arthur – One-Year A-Level Resit Student

Arthur previously studied A Levels at an Independent School in Salisbury. He came to Bath Academy to retake two A Levels in one year and achieved a six-grade improvement. This was possible due to the small class sizes, supportive environment, and regular exposure to examination conditions with Formative Assessments. Arthur was also a Boarding student where he grew in self-confidence and flourished and has gone to University of Durham to study Mathematics.


Kitty – GCSE student

Kitty studied with us from 2018-2020, before moving on to Bath College to study International Business. She is now working in London in the film industry, dealing with lighting and prop hire for movies and tv shows.

“Out of the nine schools I’ve attended in my academic journey, BA is my favourite, that’s why I keep coming back!”

Dom – GCSE student

Dom was a GCSE student from South Africa who joined us in January 2022 for a six-month intensive GCSE course to adapt to the British education system. Dom also rowed competitively for Monkton Combe alongside his studies and had fantastic exam results! It was a challenging year for all GCSE students who managed so much of their learning through lockdowns and restrictions, and they persisted with impressive results.


Kenny – UFP Student from Nigeria

Kenny studied Law, Business Organisation & Marketing, and Politics with us in 2015 before moving on to UWE to study Law. He has just finished his Masters in International Management at UWE as well and is looking forward to the next chapter in his career.

“Bath Academy was such an important part of my academic journey, it gave me a strong foundation to succeed in my degree and now Masters degree.”

Vittoria – UFP Student from Italy

Vittoria’s academic journey as an international student has been remarkable; from studying UFP in 2015 at Bath Academy, she went on to gain a place at University of Sussex studying International Business & French before moving on to her Masters in Human Resources & Organisation at LSE. Since then, she has worked as a business development executive for a start-up based in London, an Account Executive for Financial Services, and most recently a Sales Negotiator for an investment opportunity company.

“Bath Academy has been incredibly helpful in giving me the tools to reach my full potential!”

Juliana – UFP student from Germany 2015

After taking the Business and Finance UFP module at Bath Academy, Juliana successfully completed a Business Management degree from Lancaster University and is now a Masters of Journalism student at the University of Groninegen.

“I loved that it was a small community so you quickly go to know the staff and everyone in your class. The teachers were also very helpful and understanding, and I felt I got a really good education in all the modules I took. I really enjoyed living in Bath, especially in the summer months. It’s a really beautiful and vibrant city with lots of bars and coffee shops.”

Victoria – UFP Student from Russia

Victoria from Tver, Russia (pictured here outside our boarding house), studied UFP with us in 2011 taking Maths, Statistics, Business, IT, Economics, and of course lots of English! She then went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts from Smith College (Massachusetts, USA) with a double-major in Economics and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies. Now she works as a Product Manager at a web design agency in Tver.

“Bath really is the perfect combination of historic sights, great student scene and fun tourist activities. If you are considering going to England, make sure to visit Bath, it’s totally worth it.”

Carlo – UFP Student from Italy

Carlo studied UFP Business & Finance with us in 2018 and has received his BA (Hons) in Business and Management at Oxford Brookes. He gained experience as a Market Researcher at a fun capital firm in London, and is currently working at an Investment Management company in Oxford.

We are so proud of Carlo’s achievements and his incredible entrepreneurial skills. Carlo talks about his experience at Bath Academy and what it’s like to live and study in Bath.

Beatrice – UFP Student

Beatrice studied UFP at Bath Academy in 2017 and went on to achieve a BA in Management with Marketing (with Business Placement) at Durham University in 2022, Beatrice worked in marketing at Marriott International and is currently the Marketing Officer at Cathay Pacific

“My amazing Durham experience wouldn’t be possible without the help of Bath Academy!”

Felix – MFP student from Germany/Ghana

Felix is from Germany/Ghana, and after completing his IGCSEs in Accra, Felix came to Bath in 2020 to study the Medical Foundation Programme as a boarding student. He has worked extremely hard and completed his year with A grades and was offered a place at UCLAN to study Medicine in 2021.