A Levels

Our A-Level Programme aims to help students gain academic experience in preparation for University in a nurturing, flexible environment, and to help those who do not achieve the grades they require to progress to the university of their choice.

A-Level teaching encompasses personalised tuition in small classes, giving students the opportunity to expand and demonstrate their knowledge in the subject through class work, regular assessments, and mock examinations. Regular assessment and individual feedback from teachers, along with consistent academic and personal support from their Personal Tutors, is an instrumental part of our students’ success.

Programme Details

More than just a Sixth Form, Bath Academy provides a comprehensive programme for A-Level students that encompasses the whole student, from their academic goals to career aspirations, how they can enrich their lives with new experiences and opportunities as well as supporting their overall wellbeing.

A-Level Subjects

We provide expert advice on the combination of subjects most likely to lead to a successful university application for each individual student. This advice is invaluable for many of our students who are aiming to progress to Russell Group and other prestigious universities, as well as for competitive entry courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Law, Economics and Engineering.

Find out more about our A-Level Subjects

Valuable Personal Guidance

Choosing what to study at A Level can be difficult. Our experienced tutors are here to guide you with making the right choice according to your strengths and interests. We help you to understand the full details of each subject you are considering, and the implications for your future career choices. How do we achieve this? Each student has:

  • a CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test)
  • individual student guidance with psychometric assessments via our partnership with FutureSmart Careers and (powered by Morrisby).
  • a Personal Tutor with regular one-to-one meetings where we check in with the student and discuss any issues that may be affecting their academic progress.

Small Class Sizes

Our A Level students are taught in small tutorial groups and have weekly mock examinations under invigilated conditions to monitor their progress against the grades necessary for them to progress to their desired university course.

Our small classes are one of our biggest strengths when it comes to studying A-levels. Students receive more personalised teaching which focuses specifically on the areas where they need improvement.

Formative Assessments

We have a designated study centre for A-Level students where they have supervised study sessions including formative assessments. These assessments provide consistent progress updates, enabling students to focus on their weak areas and improve knowledge and exam techniques in these areas.

Practice Exam Papers are also given at regular intervals to allow students to gain confidence in exam skills and perfect their exam techniques with tutor feedback

Exam Support

Our teachers are highly experienced in exams, with some of them examiners themselves, and provide a solid foundation of exam technique and preparation for students. Our Enrichment Programme holds many exam-focused sessions to help tackle anxiety and create a productive revision plan. Our Exams Officer is on hand to help students and parents with any questions about exams they may have.

UCAS Programme

Our Personal Tutors guide A-Level students effectively through the UCAS programme, assisting them through the application, interview and personal statement process. Students are further assisted with comprehensive guidance through our Enrichment Programme when making the final choices for subjects and university destinations.

Enrichment Programme

A-Level students have to attend three Enrichment sessions per term (or one per month). The choice of sessions ranges from Revision strategy sessions to EPQ assistance, university speakers who help with admissions, volunteer and work experience opportunities, as well as mindfulness sessions. The sessions change each term depending on interest, relevance, and availability.

A-Level Exam Results & University Destinations

Our A-Level students continue to reach new heights each year, often succeeding beyond the national average and gaining places at their first-choice university with hard work and perseverance. Read more about their results and university destinations.

A-Level Student Journeys

Each Bath Academy Student is on their own unique path, and we are here to support them with every step. Find out more about our students, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the achievements they’ve made.

Which Course is for you?

Two Year A-Level Course

The two-year A-Level programme at Bath Academy is built upon our personal, flexible, and non-selective approach, and how to help each student reach their potential. This starts with helping them choose the right subjects for their intended university and career path and is further supported by our Personal Tutor and Enrichment Programme. On our standard two-year A-Level course, students study three or four A-Level subjects.

18-month A-Level Course

Our 18-month A-Level course starts in January and is ideal for students who are unable to join the A-Level programme in September, for students moving schools or relocating, or international students whose academic year ends in December. Students study three of four A-Level subjects.

One Year A-Level Course

Our One-Year A-Level programme includes intensive and focused teaching to prepare students for A-Level exams in one year. These courses are aimed at different types of students, such as; students who have already completed their A-Levels who wish to re-take one of their subjects if they have missed their required grades; students transferring from another school; students who change pathways or need to take an additional subject for entry into their chosen university.

A-Level Resit Courses

One-Year Resit Course – Start in September

Bath Academy gives students the opportunity to resit A-Levels across a wide range of subjects. Our experienced admissions team with guide you with the right options for your chosen path. This intensive course is suitable for those students who wish to make at least a two-grade improvement.

Intensive Six-Month Resit Course – Start in January

This is an intensive revision course rather than a course covering gaps in a student’s knowledge and is suitable for students who need to make only a one grade improvement in a subject (those who need to increase their grade by two grades are advised to take the one-year course from September). Please see our Resits page for more information on course options.