September 2022 – August 2023

International Fees also include: College Accommodation or Homestay Accommodation

 UK Students
(Tuition Fees)
International Students
(Tuition + Accommodation)
CoursePer TermPer YearPer TermPer Year
A Level (3 or 4 subjects)£6,166£18,500£13,733£41,200
One Year Intensive A Level (3 subjects)£6,166£18,500£13,733£41,200
One Year Intensive A-Level* (per subject)£2,733£8,200
18-month A Level January start (3 or 4 subjects)£6,166£30,830 (for 5 terms)£13,733

£68,665 (for 5 terms)

A-Level re-sits* (per subject) £5,470   
GCSE Programme£6,166£18,500£13,733£41,200
One Year Intensive GCSE* (per subject)£2,066£6,200
University Foundation Programme£6,166£18,500£13,733£41,200
Extended University Foundation Programme September start (4 terms)£6,166£24,664£13,733£54,932 (for 4 terms)
18-month University Foundation Programme January start (5 terms)£6,166£30,830 (for 5 terms)£13,733£68,665 (for 5 terms)
International Medical Foundation Programme£13,733£41,200
Pre – A Level Programme£13,733£41,200
Pre – GCSE Programme£13,733£41,200
Academic English £1,880

All courses subject to a £400 non-refundable acceptance fee (this will be deducted from the final instalment of fees).

All Academic Course fees include:Full Time fees include:
  • Small group tuition
  • Small group tuition
  • UCAS application support
  • UCAS application support
  • University interview training
  • University interview training
  • Careers guidance programme
  • Careers guidance programme
  • Personal tutor support
  • Psychometric testing
  • Social activities


Supplementary Individual Tuition (per hour)£70
University Interview Preparation (per session)£200
Laboratory Fees (per science subject)£500 per year
Art Room Fees£250 per year



College Residence or Homestay fees are full board and inclusive of course fees. Accommodation is available during term time only.

Full-BoardFee – Per Year Full Course14-17 years-old18+ years-old
Single room in college residence £35,750 
Shared room in college residence£34,750 
Homestay £34,750 


Accommodation fees include:

  • Full board accommodation
  • 3 terms of small group tuition
  • UCAS application support
  • University interview training
  • Psychometric testing
  • Careers guidance programme
  • Social Activities

More information about accommodation options can be found here


GCSE Exams£170 per subject
£240 per subject with speaking test
IGCSE Exams£185 per subject
£255 per subject with speaking test
£245 for double award (double science)
AS Exams£200 per subject
A-Level Exams£300 per subject
£340 per subject with speaking test
Cambridge AS or A2 Exams£200 per subject
Cambridge A Level£360 per subject
£330 per subject Further Maths
Late Fees£60 GCSE per subject
£100 A-Level per subject
Very Late Fees£150 GCSE per subject
£200 A-Level per subject
Tests (e.g., BMAT or TSA)£85 per unit/component or test;
others on application and are subject to

For more specific information concerning fees, please email