Bath Academy’s Sixth Form has had a long history of supporting the individual achievements of our diverse range of students from both the UK and abroad. Over the years, we have evolved educationally into a progressive, international, and dynamic college whilst retaining traditional academic values.

Our student successes and exam results prove that our students are thriving in smaller classes and a more personalised teaching environment. As we teach in very small groups, we are able to provide a distinctive learning platform for those who need another attempt at exams, or if they face additional learning challenges.

A Gateway to the Best Universities

Bath Academy provides a solid stepping-stone to university for those who require flexible, alternative routes to higher education. We are proud to see many of our students gain places at their first-choice university, with the majority consistently at Russell Group Universities. Here are some of our recent Student University Destinations.

Our University Foundation Programme and International Medical Foundation Programme are one of the only alternatives to A-Levels offered in the Bath area as a route to the widest choice of universities or as a route to Medical School.  For UK students, we are the only A-Level provider in Bath for over 18s.

Personal Development

Learning to make the right choices in life is an essential part of personal development. With our personalised approach, we seek to support each student with individual attention and encouragement, and foster their unique strengths, initiative and creativity.

With the help of their personal tutor, students are supported in their personal development by learning to study at an advanced level in an international community of colleagues, and by making informed decisions about future careers in the light of a psychometric assessment of abilities and personality.

Second Chances

Many students face individual learning challenges, whether it be health-related, unexpected exam results, playing an elite sport for competitive teams, or time spent away from school. We provide that second chance for students who don’t always fit or follow the standard mould, ensuring they, too, have a chance at academic success. We especially excel with students who face extra challenges, e.g., students with learning difficulties (50% of our A-Level students have dyslexia, dyspraxia or other difficulties), or international students coping with studying in a foreign country.

We provide Resit Courses for those students who need more expert teaching and support to fulfil their potential and progress to the best universities. We’ve seen marked improvements in each student that has taken a Resit course, often surpassing their initial target grades and exceeding their expectations.

Focused Teaching

Our A-Level students are taught in small tutorial groups and have weekly mock examinations under invigilated conditions to monitor their progress against the grades necessary for them to progress to their desired university course. Our Formative Assessments have proved invaluable to both teachers and students targeting weak areas and working on strengthening them together.

Targeted Revision

Bath Academy runs target-specific Revision Courses during each half-term throughout the year, (tuition may be available outside of these dates). Our flexible but focused teaching approach helps students to reach their optimum academic potential as we adapt to their individual needs. We offer both bespoke individual and small group tuition with daily assessments to improve exam technique and deepen knowledge of subjects.

Subjects Offered
EconomicsMathsReligious Studies
English LanguageFurther MathsSociology
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