Want to improve your target grades?

Need a bit more time? 

Want to pick up another subject that interests you? 

Whatever the outcome of your grades, there are always options. At Bath Academy, we offer resit courses for students who do not achieve the A level grades they require to progress to the university of their choice. We also run bespoke courses for students with unique requirements.


For those students who aren’t happy with their predicted grade outcome after results day this August and wish to take the exams in Autumn, we are offering short resit courses to help ‘reboot’ their studies and ‘reset’ their focus after missing a few months of education.

For A Level Exam Session: October 5th – 23rd

Dates: August 24th – September 11th
Duration: 3 weeks / 8 hours per subject
Student Support: UCAS application, Morrisby Assessment. Personal Tutor Guidance
Options: Further one-to-one tutoring available from Sep. 11 until the last exam (not included in the cost)
Cost: £800 per subject (for 3 week programme)

For GCSE Exam Session: November 2nd – 23rd

Dates: September 14th – October 23rd
Duration: 6 weeks / 5 hours per subject per week, includes small group tuition and past paper practice
Student Support: Includes academic profiling (Cognitive Aptitude Test 4), Morrisby Assessment and Personal Tutor Guidance
Subjects Available: Mathematics, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (other subjects available as one-to-one tutoring)
Cost: £1,200 per subject (for 6 week programme)

Resit Option A – September 2020 to June 2021

For students who have previously studied the new linear A-Levels but would like to boost their grades and require thorough revision of specification content as well a regular examination practice, or need to study an additional subject, we offer a full A Level re-sit course over the academic year. Students may study between one and three subjects.

This course includes full in-depth coverage of the specification as well as weekly exam technique practice.

There are also two sets of mock examinations in the spring term.

Resit Option B – January 2021 to June 2021

We offer intensive revision courses in preparation for the summer examinations for students who need to make a one grade improvement in a subject (those who need to increase their grade by two grades are advised to take the one-year course from September). For students starting all their subjects in January, the UCAS application clearly must not depend on being able to evidence the academic progress that they have made in the retake year, but in the appropriate circumstances, January to June courses allow students to undertake at least part of the gap year activities they may already have planned to start in the Autumn term.

Students cover the specification during the course of the six months. Each week there are formal one hour progress assessments for each A level.

There are also two sets of mock examinations in the spring term.

Subjects Offered
Biology French Physics
Business Geography Politics
Chemistry History Psychology
Economics Maths Religious Studies
English Language Further Maths Sociology
English Literature Media Studies Spanish

*Minority subjects currently available (subject to change): Accounting, Classical Civilisations, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Classical Greek.

For information about any other subject, please contact the college.

Over 50% of A Level re-sit students have gained places at Russell Group universities.

‘I’ve really enjoyed it. I reckon I learnt more in five weeks at Bath Academy than I did in two years at my previous school! Thank you for having me.’ – Tom (GCSE re-sit student)

What are the benefits of resitting my exams?                                                                                   

  • Students often comment “I don’t want to compromise my plans and I want to prove that I’m better than the grade I got”. Going to university is expensive and you should think about whether the money you spend on your degree over three years will get you the best possible degree.
  • Universities can admit more students with high grades. If you are confident that you can achieve those grades with the right support, your prospects of getting a place at a very good university have never been better, and the benefits of retaking become greater in terms of your future career.
  • Most students who resit improve their grades and it is not unusual to improve by several grades, especially if you know the reason why you did not achieve as well as expected the first time around (e.g., illness, anxiety in the exam, lack of work).
  • Plan now. Ask  yourself, “What do I want to be doing after I leave A Levels behind?” What’s my ideal next stage, rather than accepting limited options? What degree course do I really want to get onto, and where? Having a view now of your preferred future will help motivate you.