Finding Beauty in Weather Transitions

Posted: 12th December 2023


Human beings are a combination of atoms and these same atoms in their most basic form make up everything on Earth. Therefore because we are reflections of nature and our universe, it benefits us to live in harmony and flow with all the atoms vibrating around us. This makes life easier. We as human beings often disconnect ourselves from nature due to the society and environment we have created and been brought up in. With heated buildings, the enormous variety of food readily available all year round, and busy schedules, we are completely isolated from nature and her seasons.

If you ask yourself, what is your favourite season, the majority of you will answer summer. Why is that the case? Summer is more exciting isn’t it! The sun shines for longer and the days are warmer – as much as summer is beautiful it is also important to understand that the other seasons are just as beautiful in their own unique way. A changing of season means a change of mindset – otherwise every winter we will be waiting for the summer without experiencing and leaning into the true beauty of each season.

Winter and autumn are a necessity in nature, an enforced break. We too, must slow down and gather supplies to prepare for hibernation and rest. Trees drop their leaves and the days darken, so everything can recharge and regain energy. We are a part of nature and we too need to slow down, rest, and recuperate.

In order to begin your journey in reconnecting to nature, consider small gradual sensorial steps. Try stepping outside and not only take in the beauty around you with your eyes but also:


  1. Feel the quality of the air – is the air frosty and refreshing, or fresh from dew from last night’s rain?


  1. Smell your surroundings – are there any flowers? Freshly cut grass? Crisp leaves breaking down underfoot and returning to the ground?


  1. Listen to the sounds around you – can you hear droplets of rain falling onto leaves or birds singing in the treetops?


  1. Taste seasonal produce – bite into the fruits of summer or cuddle up in front of the fire with warming soup and garlic bread.


It is important to recognise our link to nature’s cycles and shift our routine way of thinking. Learning how to appreciate the little things in life and embrace the simplicity of the change in season and weather is one of many things that makes our lives special. There is nothing mankind can build or create that can be more valuable than nature. Amidst the chaos of human society, step aside and realise that the most powerful mindfulness lies in the simplicity and essentiality of being one with nature.

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