International Student Perspective

Posted: 15th January 2024

Hello, my name is Sasha and I am currently studying an Undergraduate BSc Degree in Business in the University of Bath. My degree includes two six-month placements, my first being a Marketing role in Bath Academy. However before moving to the UK, I went to school in Spain, completing International A-Levels in Tenerife.

With my family roots diverging from Armenia to Italy, the decision to study somewhere new, such as in the UK, was as exciting as it was scary. This decision was not an easy one to make, especially as I would be so far away from my family. However, fate lead me towards the UK, towards Bath.

When applying to universities I was aiming to apply to places that were ranked highly for my course of choice. These included the University of Edinburgh, Bath, Exeter and Southampton. However having so little knowledge of the areas, it was hard to know what was best for me, as the choice to study abroad is a very personal one. It was important for me personally, to not only weigh up the quality of the education, but also the safety, extra-curricular opportunities, and green areas of a city.

Being a very creative person who appreciates the beauty around me, it was very easy to pick Bath as the best fit for me, as even after 3 years of living here, I discover something new to look at each day. Bath is also one of the safest places in the UK, and the ability to walk freely at night without fear is something I truly treasure. The interesting thing about Bath is that even though it may not seem this way as the city is quite small, Bath has many extra-curricular activities without one realising it. From picturesque grounds to pottery classes, from paddle boarding to small local pubs, there is something for everyone.

What I love the most about Bath though is not related to my course at all, but is simply the beauty of the city itself. All weather, all year, it is beautiful in Bath, from heavy rain, to frosty sunny mornings, nothing can ever make this beautiful Georgian city seem gloomy to me. The elegant buildings, the stunning parks and Royal Crescent impact my mood in such a positive way. Bath is my soulmate, in the form of a city that I’m not sure I will ever truly be able to leave.

It is now odd to think that I was considering studying near home in order to stay in my comfort zone and to be closer to what I know. However, studying abroad has taught me that it is always important to keep your options open, to keep learning, and to strive to improve yourself every single day. Studying higher education tests your limits even more so abroad – the leap of faith I made has rewarded me greatly.

Studying abroad in a place such as Bath has allowed me to broaden my horizons whilst still being safe, meet new people while still being able to remain myself, and work hard without burning out.

What was your experience like studying abroad?

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