Autumn Term 2014
Monday 8th September Registration (A Level)
Tuesday 9th September Registration (UFP)
Monday 15th September Classes Commence (All)
Monday 27th October – Friday 31st October Half Term (All)
Monday 3rd November Classes Resume (All)
Monday 8th December – Friday 12th December Assessments (UFP)
Friday 12th December End of Term (All)
Spring Term 2015
Monday 5th January Registration (Jan & 18 month UFP)
Wednesday 7th January Re-registration (Sep UFP & A Level)
Monday 16th February – Friday 20th February Half Term (A Level & GCSE)
Monday 23th February Classes Resume (A Level & GCSE)
Friday 20th March End of Term (A Level & GCSE)
Monday 23rd March – Friday 27th March Assessments (All UFP)
Friday 27th March End of Term (Sept & Jan UFP)
Summer Term 2015
Monday 13th April Re-registration (UFP & A Level)
Classes Commence (All)
Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May Half Term (A Level & GCSE)
Monday 1st June – Friday 5th June Assessments (All UFP)
Friday 1st June End of Term (Sep & 18 Month UFP)
Friday 26th June End of Term (A Level & GCSE)
Monday 27th July – Friday 31st July Assessments (Jan UFP)
Friday 31st July End of Term (Jan UFP)