Civic Reception for International Students

Posted: 11th December 2018

Roman Baths

Our international students had the honor of attending a Civic Reception held at the historical Pump Rooms in Bath at the end of November. Hosted by the Mayor of Bath, this annual reception is organised especially to welcome students from abroad.

Each student was personally welcomed by the Mayor of Bath, followed by a drinks reception and inspiring speech from the Mayor himself.

“What you are experiencing is a renaissance of Bath as a university city. As international students and very welcome guests of this city, it gives me tremendous confidence in what you will take away and what you’ll give to society. It’s only through international cooperation and collaboration that we really understand how we need to look after the earth. If we really understand how we need to look out for the earth, if the environment is going to continue to nurture us as we want it to, we have to look after it in turn.”

A former student of Bath University also made a speech about his experience in Bath as an international student, describing it as an ‘unforgettable city’ and ‘may each of us make the most of this unique experience’.

Following the speeches, the students were invited on a torchlit tour of the Roman Baths, a special and magical experience for all those who attended.

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