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Exams Are Back – How Will Students Cope?

Posted: 17th June 2023

pencil filling out answers

With Ofqual returning to pre-pandemic grading this year, what does it mean for students? Find out how Bath’s independent sixth form college is equipping students with the resilience tools they need to make all the difference; the role of Personal Tutors has been key.

Back To Exams – The New Normal

With exams going back to pre-pandemic grading this year, it is important to acknowledge that students may still have experienced some disruption and need continued support.  This support comes in many forms from the examining bodies, such as a new timetable designed to space out exam papers in the same subject to give more students to revise between papers, an allowance included in the grading, and of course further assistance from teachers and tutors in the school setting.

As a college with a long history of helping students through exams, Bath Academy has placed even more focus on student support this term by hosting revision and resilience sessions for both GCSE and A-Level students, with Personal Tutor meetings targeting individual exam anxieties, and support staff being on hand to help with any issues as they arise during each exam. There has been an increased emphasis on exam technique for those students who did not sit GCSEs due to Covid-19, alongside tools to coach students through exam anxiety and maintain a good balance of study and rest.

Grading & University Applications

Universities will ensure their entry requirements and offers reflect the grades students are likely to receive this summer, grading will not affect the number of places available. There are plenty of high-quality options for students, and so far our students have received some fantastic offers, here’s just a few:

One- Year A-Level & Resit Students: 

Mechanical Engineering at Uni of Exeter (conditional)

Mathematics at University of Reading (unconditional)

Economics at Cardiff University (conditional)

Psychology at King’s College, London (conditional)

Physiotherapy at University of Winchester (conditional)

Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology at University of Manchester (conditional)

Accounting & Finance at University of Bristol (conditional)

Medicine at St. George’s, University of London (conditional)

German & History at University of Edinburgh (conditional)

Pharmacy at UCL (conditional)

Two – year A-Level Students: 

Biomedical Sciences at University of Bristol (conditional)

Fashion Marketing at Falmouth University (conditional)

Maths & Physics at University of Manchester (conditional)

Philosophy at the University of Manchester (conditional)

Economics At University of Sheffield (conditional)

Keeping the Balance

With a stressful, final few weeks ahead, it’s important to keep students balanced, encouraging rests from revision, as well as incorporating a little fun in this intensive study time. This is why the college hosts their annual student celebration before exams begin, to remind students of the progress and achievements made throughout the year, and that their academic journey encompasses so much more than grades. This year the college celebrated at The Bath Cricket Club under a sunny May sky.

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