The Benefits of a Personal Approach

Posted: 6th December 2023

The Benefits of One-to-One Learning at Bath Academy

No two students are alike, therefore, recognising and celebrating these differences is one of Bath Academy’s core values. We explore different learning styles and approaches for each individual student. By differentiating from traditional ways of teaching, our one-to-one approach encourages our students to engage and communicate more thoroughly in a safe environment, forming a unique relationship between student and teacher. Specific needs, strengths and challenges can be addressed; in order to assist the student in reaching their maximum potential and allowing them to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Maximum Potential

Each student is different, so we believe that education and learning should be different for each individual. A personal approach to learning improves academic achievement and allows students to remain focused and process information effectively. With our small class sizes students do not miss out on social interactions and benefit from the community of being around their fellow classmates, whilst at the same time receiving a one-to-one approach that allows each individual to reach their maximum potential.

Tailored Learning and Communication

Each student has their own personal way of learning which can be lost in a large school environment with thirty students in a class. A large cohort of students naturally forces teachers to treat all students similarly in order to get the content delivered in time – resulting in individual traits and styles of learning sometimes being lost. With smaller class sizes, students at Bath Academy are able to utilise and benefit from their individual learning styles and are given the chance to absorb information more fully to engage deeper in the subject at hand.

Personal Feedback

Students have weekly Formative Assessments (FAs) which are directed towards their area of study and topic of improvement. Teachers provide individual feedback, where strengths and weaknesses are addressed without the competition for teacher’s time, which is often the case in larger school environments. There is a continuous loop of communication where students are able to acknowledge areas of improvement and develop their learning.

At Bath Academy with maximum class sizes being eight; we show our commitment in providing a one-to-one personalised approach to learning and an educational experience with the tools to succeed to the best of their ability. Bath Academy’s personal approach to one-to-one teaching is as unique as each student that wishes to join the college.

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