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Posted: 5th February 2024

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The aim of our Enrichment Programme at Bath Academy is to provide the support students need in order to become independent, well rounded, and capable young adults. The programme is an important part of the student experience as it offers the opportunity for students to go beyond the classroom and learn real life skills.

Topics range from CIFE challenges and mindfulness sessions, to university support and charity event planning. The beauty of such a programme is that it can be tailored to each individual student’s needs and interests.


The EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is an A-level standard standalone qualification designed to extend and develop a student’s ability beyond the A-level syllabus.

  • It’s worth half an A-level (28 UCAS points)
  • It’s recognised by universities and employers
  • Many universities make lower A-level offers to students undertaking an EPQ

The EPQ allows students to plan and carry out research on a topic of their choice and it isn’t necessarily related to the other qualifications they are studying for. Projects can range from future career interests, for e.g. architecture or veterinary science, to personal interests and ambitions.

An EPQ helps to develop a useful range of extra study skills, allowing students to feel prepared for the demands of university work. It is valued by higher education institutions as it demonstrates their dedication to independent learning and is often included in offers made by institutions to applicants. Enrichment sessions include EPQ Support.

Mindfulness Sessions

The Enrichment Programme enriches the soul as much as it empowers the brain. Mindfulness sessions aim to aid students in their day to day life, to learn to listen to their body and mind in times of uncertainty or stress.

“I have just finished my third week at Bath Academy.  A mix of one to one and group sessions with different students in the college. I love hearing their enthusiasm for things such as the body scan or learning about breathing exercises for stress in the moment. I am often impressed with their openness to try new tools even if they feel a bit giggly and self-conscious at times.” – Nicola MacDonald, Bath Mindfulness.

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