The Social Programme at Bath Academy

Posted: 12th February 2024

students on surfboards

Our Social Programme is more than just the need to host events and activities for our students, it also upholds the values and beliefs of our school – that our students are more to us than their academic grades. We aim to help students in all aspects of their lives and then release them into the world as well-rounded individuals with fond memories that they will hopefully think about for the rest of their lives.


“After starting at Bath Academy for part of my Marketing Placement, I was very quickly drawn towards the kind nature and strong sense of community in the school. I was immediately interested in getting to know the students and positively influence their school experience in any way I could.


Reflecting on my own school experiences, my school years were not very positive. I had little support with my mental health in a large public school. Understanding the struggles of our teenage years, the pressure of education and careers, all at the same time as trying to understand the changes in our bodies and who we really are is very difficult. This is even more evident in the age of the internet, where we are influenced by the outside world – that there is always a better place to be, a better thing to be doing, a better way to look – all casting doubts and confusion on a constant cycle in young minds.


Involving myself in the Social Programme and running events, made me relive parts of the school experience that I had missed, through our students with fun and engaging activities and events, despite being such a small school. Once I started I couldn’t stay away, I loved seeing the enjoyment on students’ faces when exploring new cities, or the daring students trying something new like paddle boarding. Even though soon I will be moving onto my second placement in London, I will always hold Bath Academy and its students close to my heart.” – Sasha


The strong sense of support and care within the school can be seen in the hallways in the school, where teachers and students, staff and cleaners all smile and greet each other. Everybody knows, and makes the effort to get to know one another fully, which creates the feeling of home, in an external environment. The Social Programme also strongly helps facilitate this, with staff members always willing to volunteer and run events too for the chance to see a student smile.


Naturally, the Academy draws both staff and students that hold caring and appreciative values for one another and the community, which is mirrored in the school’s Social Programme.


“I have enjoyed all the events I have attended, and I am sure the ones I missed were great as well! Thank you for everything you have done for the students in Bath Academy.” – Karina, GCSE student.

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