A Level Results

  • The most common (modal) A Level result was A*/A grade;
  • 40% of grades were A*/A, almost 14% more than the national average;
  • Percentage of A*-B this summer was 63.5%, over 10% higher than the national average.
  • The average grade improvement by re-sit students this year was 2 grades.
  • 18 out of 20 A Level subjects had 100% pass rates;
  • 35% of subjects had 100% grades A*-B.
  • 78% of Chemistry students achieved grades A*-B
  • 71% of Maths students achieved grades A*-B.
  • 84% of all A Level students achieved grades A*-C.
  • Over 50% of A Level re-sit students have gained places at Russell Group universities.
  • 75% of first-time A Level students have achieved places at Russell Group universities.

A Level Results 2016-17

A*-B National A*- B A*-E National A*-E
63.5% 53.1% 95.9% 97.9%

University Foundation Programme Results 2016-17

A*-B A*-E
62% 95%

Our UFP course has had a high success rate since we introduced the course in 2010, averaging a 95% pass rate since that time, with an average of 62% of students achieving an A* or B grade.

62% 95%