Covid Education – What Next? Bath Academy Guides Students in Uncertain Times

Posted: 1st January 1970

Bath Academy was recently featured within the Bath Magazine giving answers to the questions students and parents may have regarding the uncertainty of assessments and how to navigate the upcoming months. The article can be found below:

With the disruption to education and unpredictability of exams this year (and possibly next year), students and parents are faced with even more uncertainty; will exams happen next year?; how important will mocks and assessments be?; can I re-sit the Autumn Exams if I’m not happy with my results in December?

These are just some of the questions sixth-form students have been asking as they wait for their exam results in December or are considering boosting their current grades to get into their first-choice university next September.

“Many parents and students are confused by the different pathways available to them in these uncertain times,” says Sam Hollingshead, Head of Admissions at Bath Academy. “Unsurprisingly, we’re receiving even more questions and enquiries than usual about next steps, so we aim to explore the various options based on students’ individual circumstances.”

By offering a short Revision course over the Christmas holidays, as well as a six-month intensive revision course for A-levels starting in January (with online options), the college provides flexible solutions so students are still able to reach their academic goals and go to their first-choice university next September.

“The flexible nature of the college allows us to offer varied and personalised pathways for individual students, encouraging them to achieve their aspirations, despite the pandemic,” says Tim Naylor, Principal at the College. “Our weekly mock exam practice helps us closely monitor each students’ subject understanding and exam technique, and is a robust measure of their academic achievement whether or not formal exams happen next year.”

If you would like any educational guidance or advice, students and parents are encouraged to ‘drop-in’ for a discussion with one of our advisors – due to COVID-19 safety measures, please initially contact, or call 01225 334 577 for a chat or to set up an appointment.


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