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Posted: 15th January 2018

Tim Naylor

Bath Academy is an independent college and language school that specialises in a personalised, tailored education. We offer tutorial support in both Academic and English Language courses to match individual needs of students, helping them to achieve their academic potential in any direction they may choose.

For the past twelve years, I have had the pleasure of seeing Bath Academy grow, thrive, and transform into a vibrant, international college. Students from different backgrounds and various cultures continue to carve out their individual academic journey with us and progress beyond our expectations.

With tailored teaching and support, we give students the best chance to apply successfully to high quality universities, and have had a record year of students offered university places at their chosen destination.

With passionate teachers and caring staff, we especially excel with students who are faced with extra challenges, whether it is students facing personal adversities during these crucial academic years, students with learning disabilities who are more comfortable in a smaller class or one-to-one tuition, or international students coping with studying in a foreign country,

With the help of their personal tutor, students are also supported within their personal development; by learning to study at an advanced level in an international community of colleagues, and with making informed decisions about future careers.

As Bath’s only independent college to offer both academic and English Language courses, we provide unique opportunities to both local and international students looking for a school that takes their individual needs into consideration, and are able to provide achievable, alternative academic routes to higher education.

The success of our students in gaining places on their chosen courses, many at high ranking universities, is the best testament to our teaching approach. The experience of our students has been that, with personalised teaching and effective support, young people from every realm have been able to progress to excellent university courses leading to successful professional careers.

At Bath Academy, we believe that our students’ passion and commitment together with our interactive approach to teaching, close monitoring of academic progress and focus on individual support, will help them to reach their potential.

Tim Naylor BA (Hons) MSc PGCE


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